$100,000 Crop Circle Challenge 2012 - Aliens are not allowed to assist

An unusual and daring contest has been announced - with a prize of one hundred thousand pounds to the winner. Surprisingly, not a single person as of yet coming forward to attempt the challenge, which was issued on July 1, 2012.

The EHA group (a group of open-minded crop circle enthusiasts) is offering any team of human circlemakers 100,000 pounds to reproduce the Galaxy formation of Aug 12, 2001 (see image above).

The challenge issued on July 1, 2012 has yet to have any takers. Stringent conditions apply to recreate the formation which consisted of 409 individual circles spanning a diameter of 900 feet which came down on top of Milk Hill during a heavy night of rain. (That's 68 seconds per circle perfectly executed over a six hour period of darkness).

Conditions include for example:

1. Inside the crop circle there must be no footprints;
2. Inside the crop circle there must be no broken stems;
3. The crop circle must be geometrically blameless. (To meet the condition "a) no footprints", the field where the crop circle has been made must be either soaking wet or previously watered with a water cannon.)

Rule 11 states: No Extraterrestrial being or ET vehicle is allowed to assist in the creation of the crop circle. They are however welcome to witness the procedure and park their vehicles in the nearby field.

More information about this contest and contact info: cropcirclechallenge.co.uk

Source: cropcirclechallenge disclosetv

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